Minna Maaskola-Desprez

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Minna Maaskola-Desprez

Đào tạo chuyên gia kỹ thuật và Trưởng nhóm nhân sự

Geneva, Thụy Sĩ

Minna Maaskola-Desprez is the HR lead at Better Work and the Technical Specialist leading the Learning and Capacity Building activities. She joined the programme in 2007 and spent the first three years at Better Work Cambodia conducting research on training and leading many innovative outreach and communication projects. She also worked at the IFC in Cambodia as an HR change management consultant. Minna worked for five years at the HQ in Geneva and then led the factory learning service, the Better Work Academy, and other learning- related partnerships in Bangkok before returning to Geneva in 2019. She is an accredited coach and a MBTI practitioner and holds a master’s degree in Business and Economics, with a specialization in CSR. Prior to Better Work, Minna worked in a lawyer’s office in Stockholm, Sweden.

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