Information for Brands, Retailers and Intermediaries

Better Work also supports brands, retailers and intermediaries in adopting responsible business practices through an annual review of purchasing practices, access to training and tailored support through the Better Work Academy.

Why work with Better Work

Better Work helps global brands, retailers and intermediaries mitigate risk and remedy poor working conditions in factories, while also providing greater transparency on compliance and offering access to unparalleled industry insights and expertise.

How to get involved with Better Work

We have two channels of engagement: Partner or Participant.


Become a Better Work Brand/Retailer/Licensee


1Partner brands and retailers

Partnership provides strategic engagement as well as visibility. Partners sign an agreement with the ILO and IFC and participate in Better Work’s governance, define its strategic direction and more.

In addition to a comprehensive factory engagement programme, Better Work partners enjoy:

  • Priority scheduling of factory services
  • Collaboration on factory remediation, training and pilot programmes
  • Regular country/factory updates and rapid alerts in case of emergencies
  • Privileged access to technical experts at the ILO and IFC
  • Opportunities to engage with national stakeholders
  • Eligibility to sit on the Better Work Advisory Committee

Our global brands and retailers commit to supporting the programme by:

  • Eliminating duplicative audit and remediation processes
  • Supporting a single improvement process with a focus on effective social dialogue, management systems, gender and learning
  • Not immediately terminating or reducing orders based on non-compliance
  • Reviewing buying practices that may be influencing non-compliance

2Participant brands and retailers

Those who are not Better Work partners may purchase reports, for factories registered in Better Work programmes, by registering as a participant at our online portal. After paying a fee per factory, participants can access one cycle of reports, which includes one assessment (audit), two progress reports and a live improvement plan.


Questions or comments? Contact our global buyers team or find below a focal point in your country.

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