Brands, retailers and intermediaries

Deepening partnerships with all actors, including global brands and retailers (and their intermediaries), is the only way to reach systematic change in global supply chains.

While workers, employers and governments are critical pillars for change, brands and retailers contribute much to the success of the Better Work programme by helping to drive improvements among their suppliers, supporting efforts to tackle industry wide issues and addressing their own business practices.

Information for Brands, Retailers and Intermediaries

Strategic collaboration

Since 2007, Better Work has been working with more than 100 global brands and retailers – as well as intermediaries and sourcing agents – to ensure responsibility for improved working conditions is shared throughout supply chains.

The engagement with brands and retailers aims to:

  • Ensure responsible business conduct respectful of internationally recognised human and labour rights. The programme provides evidence of how responsible conduct affects factory compliance and supports partners to integrate responsible business conduct into their approaches.
  • Reduce duplication in factory level tools and approaches across the industry by advocating for a standards-based approach to monitoring of labour conditions.
  • Align the actions and initiatives of the private sector with the national constituents’ priorities for the attainment of decent work in supply chains.

Our Partners

Business Event Calendar

Event Date Location More Info
Better Work Partner Forum – US 24 Jul 2023 Boston, USA Contact
Better Work Viet Nam Business Forum 2023 19 Oct 2023 Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam Contact
Better Work Jordan Multistakeholder Forum 2023 1 Nov 2023 Amman, Jordan Contact
Better Work Cambodia Business Forum 2024 24-25 Jan 2024 Phnom Penh, Cambodia Contact

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