Pipit Savitri

Pipit Savitri

Communication and Partnerships Officer

Jakarta, Indonesia

Pipit Savitri joined Better Work Indonesia in 2013 as an Enterprise Advisor overseeing the performance of factories and industrial relations. She has been responsible for communications and partnership needs at the programme since 2016.

Pipit is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) professional with 14 years’ experience working in multinational corporations. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Labour Law from the University of Pancasila, with a  focus on collective bargainingagreements. After completing her education, Pipit began her career at a multinational UK-based quality assurance company, whose core business  was conducting CSR auditing for buyers in the United States and Europe. In 2007, she joined a Hong Kong-based independent quality assurance company as a Compliance Supervisor and established the team for the company’s operations in Indonesia. Her role in this company expanded her experience  beyond compliance auditing, to include suppliers’ systems development, security systems and factory quality inspections.

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