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Better Work Egypt

The aim of Better Work Egypt is to create a more competitive Egyptian garment industry with decent working conditions driven by improved social dialogue at the factory and sectoral level.

Piloted in 2017, the programme is part of a broader ILO project, Strengthening Labour Relations and their Institutions in Egypt (SLARIE).

Launched in 2020, SLARIE promotes the effective application of the recently amended trade union law and genuine support for social dialogue in Egypt. One of objectives of the SLARIE project is the creation of a fully-fledged Better Work Programme in Egypt. Currently, Better Work Egypt delivers services for 60 factories, including conducting compliance assessments as well as limited advising and training services.


Egypt: Our services

Better Work Egypt offers our full suite of services under our global Factory Engagement Model to registered factories. This includes a series of Learning and Assessment services, as detailed below.


The learning part of our process takes place through advisory factory visits, training and industry seminars. Learning will focus on topics such workplace cooperation, human resources, occupational safety and health, productivity, financial literacy, communication, negotiation, supervisory skills etc. Depending on the focus of the learnings, they will either be implemented by the Better Work team or other ILO teams based on their specific area of expertise.

Our advisory work

begins with a specially-tailored programme of coaching from our experienced staff. Here we engage factory managers one-on-one in identifying compliance and other issues and establish the means of improvement, working with them every step of the way.

Industry Seminars

are an integral part of the advisory process as they provide an important opportunity for factories to learn from their peers. Seminars are participatory, learner-centered workshops that aim to tackle collectively areas of needed improvement identified across factories.


Our innovative training courses for factory representatives support and reinforce the advisory work through detailed instruction on how to tackle challenges and improve workplace relations. Examples of this include training on managing health and safety in the workplace, enabling worker and management representatives to diagnose and improve their own grievance mechanisms, and educating supervisors on how to manage workers, and training on setting up proper human resources systems.

Our Training Courses

Explore the training courses offered in Egypt

General fire safety and evacuation

Induction to the fire fighting systems and the methods of evacuation

General OSH training

This training course will build the capacity of participants to successfully facilitate OSH Committee activities at their respective companies. It targets factory staff in charge and OSH committees.

Handling of Chemicals and Hazard Substances

The safe handling of chemicals and the proper understanding of Material Safety Data Sheets of chemicals substances

Introduction to workplace communication

Train participants on the methods to make it improve workplace communication and make it more effective

Respectful Workplace Workshop

Respectful Workplace Workshop

Supervisors Skills training

Major topics which we cover through this training are:

  • Supervisors’ roles and responsibilities
  • Types of supervisor
  • Steps to influence
  • Positive attitude
  • Integrity
  • Management styles
  • Giving job instructions
  • Correcting poor performance
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Managing workers Participants Supervisors, Line chiefs and Production Managers

Training of Trainers on Gender Based Violence

Training of Trainers on Gender Based Violence

Training on OSH Committee Facilitation

This training course will build the capacity of participants to successfully facilitate OSH Committee activities at their respective companies. It targets factory staff in charge of OSH, HR or Compliance issues and it consists of 3 sessions covering the following topics: OSH committee formation, OSH risk assessments, and accident investigations.

Women's rights in labour law

Women’s rights in labour law


We provide a comprehensive assessment to determine each factory’s overall progress on meeting international core labour standards and national labour laws. Assessment findings are coupled with the factory’s own diagnosis of the condition inside the enterprise to provide a fair and well-rounded picture of success, demonstrated progress and areas for continued improvement.

Areas covered by our assessments include:

Areas covered by our assessments include:

  • Discrimination
  • Forced Labor
  • Child Labor
  • Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

National Labor Law:

  • Compensation
  • Working Time
  • Contracts and Human Resources
  • Occupational Safety and Health

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If you are an Egyptian-based enterprise working in the apparel industry and are interested in our assessment, advisory, and training services, please contact below

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