Better Work Zero Tolerance Protocol

26 Jan 2017

Better Work Enterprise Advisors may uncover serious rights violations when undertaking factory visits for either assessment or advisory purposes. In general, Better Work staff hold information learned through factory visits confidential, and only share information in line with the Terms and Conditions agreed by Better Work and participating factories. However, immediate action must be taken where critical issues, or circumstances that pose an imminent and significant threat to worker health and safety, are found. This note defines which issues will be considered zero tolerance and identifies the procedures that Better Work staff will take when such issues are suspected and/or detected with regard to a participating factory.

The generic protocol applies in countries that do not have a country-specific zero tolerance protocol.For country specific zero tolerance protocols, please click on the links below:

Cambodia – Child Labour Protocol

Haiti (French)

♦ Indonesia (English)

♦ Indonesia (Bahasa)

Jordan (English) 

♦ Jordan (Arabic)

Nicaragua (Spanish)

♦ Vietnam

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