Better Work Indonesia: 1st Compliance Synthesis Report

26 Mar 2012

This report, which is the first produced by Better Work Indonesia, illustrates findings of assessments that the programme carried out between July 2011 and March 2012, in 20 factories, in the Greater Jakarta Area

These factories employ a total of 40,562 workers out of a total of an estimated 500,000 workers in the export apparel industry.

The data collected illustrate non-compliance with labour standards according to eight clusters: four based on ILO core labour standards regarding Child Labour, Forced Labour, Discrimination, and Freedom of Association (FoA) and Collective Bargaining. The other four are based on national law pertaining to working conditions: Compensation, Contracts and Human Resources, Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), and Working Time.

Initial assessment results highlighted the following:

• No evidence of child labour and forced labour was found in the factories covered in this report, however one factory had poor documentation procedures to minimize the likelihood of accidentally recruiting children.

• The most common areas of non-compliance in the areas of national labour law are in the categories of Occupational Safety and Health, Contracts and Human Resources, and Working Time.

• Discrimination in hiring workers, mainly because employers do not hire one person who has a disability for every 100 workers employed, was the main non-compliance identified with respect to the core labour standards.

• Freedom of association in principle has been implemented in accordance with the laws and regulations, however in some places the implementation of freedom of association at the workplace have not been optimized.


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