Better Work Haiti: 3rd Biannual Compliance Synthesis Report

16 Oct 2011

Better Work Haiti released its third (3rd) biannual Synthesis Report in the framework of the HOPE II legislation. The objective of the report is to describe the labor compliance performance of factories participating in the Better Work Haiti programme, including changes in compliance with international labor standards and with national labor law since the publication of the first Biannual Report under the HOPE II Legislation published on 16 October 2010.

The last Better Work Haiti assessments revealed that the clusters of Occupational Safety and Health, and Working Time remain a focus for compliance. But there have been significant improvements between the second and third Better Work Haiti assessment rounds. In particular, all previously identified issues related to discrimination and freedom of association.

The textile sector has welcomed another trade union organization set up by a group of workers supported by BATAY OUVRIYE, which until now has been the only trade union representation in the sector.

During the last cycle of assessments, Better Work find out that meetings between management and workers representatives do happen when needed to resolve a situation that is not to the satisfaction of the workers. However, at present, no permanent structures exist. Better Work Haiti will facilitate the establishment of an effective worker-management permanent structure of social dialogue to help drive the change process to work on the improvement plan of the factory. During fall 2011, the programme will initiate a pilot project with three factories and support each in the establishment of a Performance Improvement Consultative Committee (PICC). Based on that experience and lessons learned, six additional PICCs will be implemented in 2012.

There are no external factors currently restricting the implementation of the Better Work Haiti programme. Nonetheless, its joint initiatives with the government constituent, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, is slowed down since Michel Joseph Martelly was elected as President in the November 2010 elections, as the new government has not been put in place yet.


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