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Better Work Indonesia

Established in 2011, the Better Work programme in Indonesia strives to improve working conditions and competitiveness in the export garment sector and has grown to include over 200 participating factories, reaching nearly 400,000 workers, of which 80 per cent are women.

Over its ten years, the programme has operated consistently at multiple levels. At the level of the individual factory, the programme provides interconnected services that support continuous improvement for competitiveness and conditions of work, such as specialized training and advisory services  as well as yearly unannounced assessments of factory conditions measuring compliance with ILO core labour standards and national legislation.

Through its activities in the garment sector, Better Work Indonesia has helped participating firms improve working conditions by raising levels of compliance with national labour law and international standards. Through its convening function among key stakeholders, the programme has provided inputs and data on national labour policy in several areas.


Better Work Indonesia

ILO Jakarta Office

Menara Thamrin Level 22
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 3 | Jakarta 10250

Focal points

For assessment services

Nenden Aminah

For advisory services

Olivia Krishanty


Shelly Woyla

For brands and retailers, media and general inquiries

Pipit Savitri

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