Olivia Krishanty

Olivia Krishanty

Operations Manager

Jakarta, Indonesia

Olivia started her career in 2004 when she joined the factory certification team for a US based retail company. She conducted numerous social compliance audits at manufacturers in Southeast Asian countries of various industry types. Her main responsibilities were to monitor the compliance level of factories and suppliers in Southeast Asia and leading a team of specialists to conduct consultancy on compliance using companies’ Codes of Conduct. In her role, she oversaw training for factories and vendors to apply analysis and problem solving based on the findings of their audits, monitoring a group of 3rd party audit firms to ensure the quality of work is up to the standard, as well as partnering and collaborating with local and regional stakeholders.

As one of the buyer representative in Indonesia, Olivia participated in establishing Indonesia Brands Forum in 2011: an informal group of buyers’ representatives in Indonesia that discuss different topics such as labour law and regulations’ interpretation and different stand points on compliance issues.

In 2012 Olivia joined Better Work Indonesia (BWI) as a consultant for Buyers Relations; helping introduce Better Work Indonesia to buyers’ representatives in the region as well as managing the relationship between Better Work Indonesia and buyers. As the programme grew, in 2015 her role in the Better Work Indonesia expands to cover BWI’s core services, where she is assigned as Team Leader for Jakarta and Greater Area.

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