More Rights for Jordan’s Garment Workers

4 Nov 2013

Screen grab Nour Jihan

4 November 2013.

Sahab  – Twenty-four year old Bangladeshi Nour Jihan moved to Jordan a year ago to work in a clothing factory in the industrial city of Sahab. Her employer provides food and board, which allows her to send about USD150 back home to her family.

“I’ve worked in several countries, but last year I heard that many women from my country were moving to Jordan for work so I decided to do the same,” she said, adding that she started to look for work abroad after her father died. “I had to help my mother take care of my seven siblings.”

Jihan is one of about 40,000 mostly South Asian workers employed in Jordan’s garment manufacturing sector, whose exports last year reached a record USD1.2 billion.

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