Better Work Nicaragua Annual Report 2020: An Industry and Compliance Review

31 May 2020

“Despite the difficult socio-political circumstances in Nicaragua, the publication of this annual report is very important for BWN as it reflects the progress in social compliance that has been achieved during the reporting period by the factories, as well as the development of other initiatives. Blanca Peralta, Programme Manager” Blanca Peralta – Better Work

Better Work Nicaragua’s latest annual report highlights factories’ assessment results, improvement efforts, and key initiatives from the past year.
In 2019, Better Work Nicaragua achieved our lowest rate of non-compliance on double payrolls, implemented the ‘Building Bridges’ programme, and helped ensure factories created more breastfeeding breaks and installed alarm systems.
Better Work Nicaragua is making advances to create healthier workplaces, including supporting the industry’s response to the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Lowest non-compliance rate on double payroll in five years

Double payroll is a non-compliance issue that is endemic across the industry. To decrease non-compliance rates, the program has focused on discussing the issue openly with all stakeholders.

Lower temperatures; higher productivity

“The environment was so warm that all workers would leave the factory very sweaty. Before the system, we had to open the emergency doors for the air to enter. The new air-conditioning system changed our working environment conditions completely. Now we feel better at work, we are more productive because we reach production goals earlier to go home.” Aloika Patricia Gutierrez García, sewing operator, with 13 years of experience.

More years with Better Work reduces non-compliance

Factories that stayed with Better Work Nicaragua for more than five years have lower non-compliance rates.


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