Better Work Indonesia Annual Report 2020

3 Jun 2021

“2020 was marked by two major events, the COVID-19 pandemic and the passing of the Omnibus Law, the new labour regulation. Throughout the year we worked hard to be up to the task facing us and tried to be a stabilizing and supporting force to our partners.” Maria João Vasquez, Better Work Indonesia programme

Indonesia’s garment sector had a positive growth trajectory entering 2020, and the Indonesian Textile Association (API) predicted an annual growth rate of 5 per cent. However, Indonesia’s garment sector was badly hit by COVID-19, and now the country still faces a public health crisis. To respond to urgent needs on the ground, Better Work Indonesia adapted its support for factories and the wider garment sector to overcome the challenges brought about by the pandemic. This response included strengthening occupational safety and health support, testing remote monitoring of working conditions, keeping factories in close touch with national authorities and building on social dialogue structures and processes to find equitable solutions to the issues facing workers and their employers. The programme took strides forward on its path to ensuring sustainable compliance and strengthening labour market systems and institutions in Indonesia.


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