Discussion paper 21: The Interaction of Labour Inspection and Private Compliance Initiatives

30 Jun 2016

A Case Study of Better Work Indonesia

Achieving conditions of decent work in global supply chains requires effective workplace governance. In addition to sound industrial relations and social dialogue, labour inspectorates play a vital role in this governance to protect the safety and promote the welfare of workers.

This paper uses a case study approach to examine the interaction between Better Work’s programme in Indonesia and the Indonesian labour inspectorate. The analysis, based on desk research and empirical fieldwork involving extensive interviews, demonstrates that the public labour inspectorate in Indonesia has been strengthened and complemented through its interactions with the programme, and that Better Work does not pose a displacement risk to the national labour inspectorate. The results suggest that progress toward ensuring the safety and well-being of workers can be achieved through varied and collaborative strategies. We look forward to further understanding how our efforts can continue to reinforce and complement each other to promote decent work for all.


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