17 Dec 2016

A major apparel producer joins the fight against HIV/AIDS

17 December 2016.

Port au Prince – Recognising the impact of HIV/AIDS on the world of work,  PACIFIC SPORTS HAITI S.A., a large textile factory in Haiti, has signed a policy promoting good practices on HIV prevention and anti-discrimination. The signing took place in December 2016 and the plant becomes the second in Haiti to formally commit to the implementation of a policy on HIV/ AIDS after CODEVI  adopted an HIV policy in 2015.

Rosa Lee (Pacific Sports Haiti S.A) signs the policy.
Rosa Lee (Pacific Sports Haiti S.A) signs the policy.

Based on the ILO Recommendation No. 200 on HIV and AIDS in the workplace, this policy aims to protect the right of workers and eliminate all forms of stigma and discrimination related to HIV / AIDS. The signing of this Policy will also serve to encourage behaviour change on the myths of real or supposed HIV status by offering training to all workers at the plant.

HIV/ AIDS is recognised as a workplace issue not only because it affects labour and productivity, but also because the workplace has a vital role to play in the wider struggle to limit the spread and effects of the epidemic.

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