Supporting 48 doctors to prevent COVID-19

7 Jun 2021

In 2016, the factory S&H Global, located in Caracol, hired the doctor Rodlin Pierre to provide medical care to its employees. After four years, Pierre could not expect that he would be dealing with the threat of a dangerous virus in a worldwide pandemic. The sudden arrival of the COVID-19 in Haiti worried the doctor because he had not yet acquired the necessary knowledge to deal with any possible cases, especially in the factory setting where many people are congregating daily.

To support Pierre and 47 other doctors and nurses in participating factories, Better Work Haiti partnered with a number of organizations, such as ILO and WHO, to develop specific training specially targeted to doctors providing service to factories to manage the COVID-19 crisis internally. The four-day in-person training provides information and tools to recognize the disease symptoms, deal with confirmed cases and implement measures to prevent the dissemination of COVID-19 among garment workers.

After attending the workshop, Pierre felt that he was equipped to tackle the pandemic’s new challenges. He has regained his self-confidence because he was now able to recognize the COVID-19 symptoms. “Currently, I am ready to offer my help to anyone showing signs and symptoms; because helping others is my passion.” Dr. Pierre was incredibly grateful that the training was provided by a seasoned professional who is an epidemiology expert.

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