Mandatory public compliance disclosures introduced for Jordan’s factories

22 Nov 2016

Data on garment factories meeting standards to be public.

22 November 2016.

Amman  (ILO News) –  The government of Jordan announced its agreement to the launch of a new public disclosure programme, which will see the names of factories across the country made publicly available if they fail to comply with an array of basic requirements.

This was among the conditions placed on a loan provided by the World Bank to Jordan to boost the local economy amid the challenging conditions caused by ongoing regional turmoil.

The companies that will fail to comply with 29 vetted points (List) spanning discrimination, child and forced labour, wage payments, contractual agreements and various aspects of safety and health in the workplace, will appear on the websites of the Ministry of Labour (MoL) and Better Work Jordan (BWJ).

BWJ is committed to supporting the competitiveness of the Jordanian garment industry and has helped build the reputation of Jordan as an ethical sourcing destination throughout the years. The programme is set to organise a series of seminars to raise awareness of the issue among 116 Labour inspectors from the MoL and the country’s factories.

The idea of publicly disclosing factory-specific compliance information has been pushed across all Better Work countries. This aims to accelerate the pace of improvements across the industry, thus raising worker well-being and the industry’s reputation for ethical standards.

Find the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions on the public reporting here FAQ.

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