Enterprise Advisor/Training Officer Summit 2013—Where vision and experience converge

29 May 2013
Vung Tau, Vietnam 6-10 May 2013

29 May 2013.

VUNG TAO  – Every year,  Enterprise Advisors and Training Officers from across all Better Work programmes meet together to share ideas and find creative approaches to common challenges.  This year in Vung Tao – Vietnam, Better Work welcomed over 80 participants for the biggest EA and TO Summit ever.

The richness of their combined experience could only be rivaled by the passion and energy that each of them brought to the table.  Exchange was the key word of the week as they shared their personal experiences, learned from one another, and found innovative solutions by transforming their individual skills into collective know-how.

Together, they will strengthen the services Better Work delivers to international buyers, suppliers and the workers they interact with daily.


Words from the participants


Hazem Al Nammari – Enterprise Advisor, Better Work Jordan

“Team spirit was a highlight of the summit as BW staff came together not only to understand each of our challenges, but transform ourselves from being individual programmes in different countries to one homogeneous body by strengthening relations and establishing sustainable and ongoing lines of communication between us.”


Tara Rangarajan – Programme Manager, Better Work Vietnam

“The EA Summit is learning in action. It allows us to put the BW vision into practice.”


 Lien Pham – Enterprise Advisor, Better Work Vietnam

“I loved the EA summit! Exchanging knowledge and lessons with EAs in other programmes connected us – bringing us closer together. We share similar challenges and can learn from each others’ different solutions…”


Conor Boyle – Global Operations Manager, Better Work

“The commitment, energy and enthusiasm of our BW colleagues from around the world was an inspiration”


Aykut Kazanci – CSR Manager, American Eagle Outfitters

“I’ve been in close communication with BFC/BW teams in Asia for a while, owing to my company’s participation in the program, yet this was the first and unique opportunity for me to observe and engage with the community of EAs and TOs at this level. We all know that Better Work brings up one of the most impactful CSR processes to the field, but now I also know that it has even the human competency and potential to further up.”

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