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Better Work’s 2016 Seoul Business Forum

21 Nov 2016

21 November 2016.

Seoul – Around 60 representatives of manufacturers, brands and retailers gathered in Seoul on November 18 for Better Work’s 2016 Seoul Business Forum. The Korean capital plays an important part in the garment industry, as a big investor and owner of factories in Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and other Asian countries. “The companies represented at the event employ a total of 250,000 workers – in terms of potential impact and scaling up of the Better Work programme, Korean companies have a leading role to play,” explained Jonas Astrup, Better Work’s Productivity Systems Specialist.

Participants were introduced to the results of the recently launched Tufts University’s impact assessment of Better Work; and also discussed future strategies for the programme. The Forum included an industry seminar on industrial relations. This interactive training used case studies from Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia to explain how employers can better engage and negotiate with unions.

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