Unique Experience in Central America

28 Jul 2015

28 July 2015.

Managua – Since its inception, Better Work has activities underway in nine countries worldwide and eight countries have already established programs (Cambodia, Haiti, Jordan, Lesotho, Indonesia, Vietnam, Nicaragua and Bangladesh).

Better Work Nicaragua is a unique experience in the Central America Region which has allowed Nicaragua become more attractive in the apparel and textile Sector of the Region even when countries as Guatemala and El Salvador have more years in this business.

The Better Work Nicaragua program was created as part of the National strategy for the economic development of the country and to raise the competitiveness of its textile industry. Besides being the only one in the Region, Better Work Nicaragua is also a voluntary program.

According to PRO-NICARAGUA(Investments Promotion Agency) the results obtained from this strategy  have been unbelievable showing a steady minimum of 10% annual growth for the last 5 years.

Since 2014 Better Work Nicaragua has been receiving formal requests for training from brands with suppliers in other countries of the region. Better Work Nicaragua is working on the best strategy to respond to these requests and to improve the competitiveness of the industry not only in Nicaragua but in the entire region through its training programs.

The SST training which is basically a specialized training to reinforce supervisory skills of supervisors and middle managers, is having such extraordinary results that sister companies from other countries such El Salvador, are willing to take this training at any price in their facilities.

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