The education of workers on OSH issues contributes to a safer workplace at CODEVI

29 May 2019

CODEVI factory with the support of Better Work Haiti(BWH) promote a culture of prevention, safety and health (OSH) by training
their staff to contribute in the identification and elimination of all types of risks in the work environment.

CODEVI – Ouanaminthe, Haiti – about 1600 people, of whom 60 percent are women, participated in an event on safety and health at work (OHS) organized by the CODEVI factory on its premises, on April 13 and 14, coinciding with the celebration of the World day for the safety and health at work (28 April). This activity was carried out in order to educate employees about the importance of good practices favorable to the safety and health at work and to perform free medical check for employees wishing to evaluate their State of health.

Workers entering at CODEVI

Workers entering at CODEVI

Female worker at CODEVI

Female worker at CODEVI

Half of the first day, BWH, along with inspectors from the Labour Department of the Ministry of Social Affairs and labor (MAST) have organized a photo exhibition of safety messages with a focus on individual protection equipment, preventive measures for the use of chemicals, preparation for emergencies, fire safety and electrical safety as well as training on OSH in the second half of the day.

BW Enterprise Advisors facilitated discussions between participants on appropriate and inappropriate measures and explained the corresponding safety messages.

According to Clifford Bastien, Enterprise Advisor at BWH, many workers were able to identify bad practices that exist in the factories and have even suggested the active participation of managers in this type of activity in their role as decision makers to facilitate the reduction and a better control of risk. This strengthening in the capacities of the workers, will allow mainly members of the OHS Committee and PICC, to easily identify by themselves the risks to which they are exposed and discuss proposals with factory managers.

Mr Francilien Léon, CODEVI compliance officer, explains that this activity has been planned not only for employees but also for the benefit of the surrounding community to help them get involved in the improvement of the workspace. More specifically, it equips workers with the right approach to protect themselves against any risks or hazards to which they may be exposed. Participation of Better Work in this event has been very useful and appreciated given the expertise and the importance of this programme for the textile sector.

Several types of hazards and risks at work exist in every workplace, with specific consequences for the safety and health of workers. Lack  of knowledge can make, particularly people who are exposed, very vulnerable. This year, the World Day for Safety and Health at Work (SafeDay) and World Day Against Child Labour (WDACL) have joined in a common campaign to improve the safety and health of young workers and end child labor. This campaign is intended to accelerate the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGS), whose target 8.8 which aims to defend the rights of workers, promote safety in the workplace and ensure the protection of all workers by 2030. The ILO encourages an environment of safe and decent work for all workers. Conventions 155, 161 and 187 of the ILO that establish the essential principles for a decent, safe and healthy working environment are not yet ratified by Haiti.

BWH has supported this activity and encourages others and plants in the sector especially to adopt a culture of prevention, safety and health in the workplace (OHS) by training their staff to contribute to the identification and the elimination of all types of risks in the environment for the benefit of all.

This activity complements the list of social activities at the plant. CODEVI, with the support of Hanes (one of its international partners), is very satisfied with the participation of the workers in this activity and reaffirms its importance. It is already planning a similar OSH event on a larger scale in 2019.

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