Persistent non-compliance FAQs

19 Sep 2020

Better Work differentiates factories and services according to factory performance levels. This is done using objective, performance based criteria to ensure that the programme can effectively target its interventions. The Better Work differentiation framework makes use of incentives, recognition and exclusive services for high performance factories, and progressive warnings and pressure points for factories where improvements are not realized.

As an integral element of its approach to differentiate factories, Better Work has developed a framework to address persistent non-compliance (PNC). The PNC framework is an additional and stronger mechanism to change the behaviors, attitudes and compliance levels of a small group of factories that demonstrate an inability or are not sufficiently committed to improving. It creates an additional mechanism to stimulate improvement as part of a broader strategy to strengthen the garment sector as a whole.
Better Work implements this framework at the national level with a strong role for the Labour Inspectorate. The PNC framework is initially only implemented in Vietnam. Elements of this approach may be replicated to other countries in the future.

The purpose of this document is to describe the PNC framework and to offer guidance to brands and factories to support them in preventing PNC.


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