Better Work Haiti: 19th Biannual Compliance Synthesis Report

1 Nov 2019

Better Work Haiti has released its 19th Compliance Synthesis Report under Haitian Hemispheric Opportunity through Partnership Encouragement (HOPE) II Legislation, providing transparent information into the state of working conditions and labor standards in the garment industry today. The report draws upon data from factories that were assessed from October 2018 to September 2019, bringing together quantitative compliance find­ings with qualitative evidence from day-to-day advi­sory and training work in factories.

Regarding international labor standards, new non-compliance findings were only identified in the freedom of association and discrimination cluster and significant improvements in other areas, such as OSH management systems, health services, and first aid and welfare facilities, for this reporting period. Also, there was a slight increase in jobs and 3 newly registered factories.

In order to address the non-compliance issues in a more sustainable way, Better Work  Haiti continues to support the Ministry of labour in the implementation of their inspection plan. However, most MAST inspections were postponed due to other interventions in the sector and to the difficult security situation in Port-au-Prince during the reporting period. In fact, MAST mainly intervene in factories to address industrial relations issues and other problems as they emerge.

Although Better work Haiti continues to offer training and advisory services to address these points over the years, the high turnover rate in most factories for OSH officers and OSH committee members is still considered as one of the main challenges to implementing sustainable OSH management systems in participating factories. Also, external factors such as the socio-political instability may affect factories’ operations and workers’ quality of life.  Better Work Haiti promotes and continues sharing information and joint initiatives with social security bodies to influence and support their perspectives to improve workers’ access to health services & first aid.

Download the report to find out more.


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