First Child Development Center in the Maquilas

11 Nov 2015

11 November 2015.

Managua – Better Work Nicaragua was launched in 2011 and since then, its participating factories proactively have shown a high level of commitment to the program and compliance with national laws and regulations. Some of these companies have decided to go beyond this, as it is the case of Hansae International, a korean capital company.

Hansae international is a textile factory, located in Niquinohomo Masaya,  and right now it is shaping up to be the first private sector company  in creating a Child Development Center (CDC), so that working mothers can work more relaxed.

Earlier this year, Hansae International became the first company in the country and the first in Central America to build and launch a free Lactary center for their workers during breast-feeding. Today Hansae does it again and with private capital and initiative has decided to go beyond meeting the requirements of the law to become a pioneer company that truly cares and benefits its workers.

This CDC will have as primary objectives to care and protect the children of the working mothers of Hansae International, during working hours. It will also provide education and assistance to these children who have every right to receive care and emotional stimulation within a framework that allows them to maximize their potential to live in safety and dignity.

The task will not be easy said Darling Flores, manager of Human Resources and Karol Morgan, manager of Social Compliance at Hansae International, as it is necessary to obtain the respective licenses from relevant institutions such as the Ministry of the Family.

To become real, this project has required the support of Better Work Nicaragua, Honduras embassy, Soy Nica (NGOs), Unicef  and the government of Nicaragua, whose representatives agreed to support.

Alberto Legal officer of Better Work Nicaragua said they would seek technical assistance to support and provide all necessary inputs to the CDC. “Being the first center in the private industry this project is an example.”

Although this is an initiative of Hansae International, Better Work Nicaragua has boosted and promoted these types of initiatives through training and continuous advisory.

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