Great contribution for the industry and the country

10 Nov 2015

10 November 2015.

Managua – Better Work Nicaragua provides to its participating factories, three core services; Assessment, Advisory and Training. These services are of equal importance; however, Better Work Nicaragua through its Enterprise Advisors, Training Officers and external facilitators, has emphasized the importance of capacity building since the beginning of its operations.

This year has been a year of many changes for the program, but more important than these changes are the great achievements of Better Work Nicaragua, thanks to the support of national and international actors, and the hard work of the Better Work team.

To date, Better Work Nicaragua through its team members has trained over 7,000 workers in the textile and apparel sector of the country. This number represents 10% of the total workforce of the industry.

At the end of this year’s third quarter, Better Work Nicaragua had trained more than 2000 workers of its participating factories, number that grows evenly every day.

Besides the factory trainings for workers, Better Work Nicaragua also provides and promotes formation to Labor Inspectors, to members of trade unions and national trade union organizations, to managers and factories owners, while ensuring the optimal distribution of gender in all its formations.

At the beginning, Better Work Nicaragua was conceived as a strategy to develop the textile and apparel industry of the country; however, stakeholders now perceive and embrace the program as a great contribution for the industry and for the country.

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