Terms of Reference: Strengthening the capacities of labour inspectors in the Ministry of Labour – NEBOSH IGC Certificate


The ILO Country Office for Jordan/Better Work Programme is implementing a technical co-operation project entitled “EU-ILO Collaboration in the Monitoring of Labour Aspects in the Jordan Implementation of the EU’s Rules of Origin Initiative for Jordan – Phase II”; funded by the European Union. Under this project, ILO/ BWJ is working with the Ministry of Labour to enhance capacity of MoL; especially the labour inspectors, and on promoting decent working conditions in the targeted enterprises and sectors benefitting from EU-Jordan trade scheme.

Based on recently identified capacity building needs, MoL in collaboration with ILO intends to provide further capacity building on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) to meet its vision; thus, aiming to build labour inspectors’ capacity for the prevention of work-related injuries and diseases as well as the protection and promotion of the health of workers and the improvement of working conditions and environment.


As part of ILO ongoing support in building the capacity of labour inspectors it is agreed with MoL to ensure technical support to improve labour inspectors’ knowledge, capacity and skills in OSH and ensure continued professional development.

The main objective of this consultancy is to identify qualified supplier/service provider to support first batch of labour inspectors totalling to (20) to prepare for and undertake NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (IGC) to help acquire certificate/qualification thereof[1]. The service provider is also expected to support the Human Resources department at MoL in identifying the selection criteria for the labour inspectors candidates who can enrol for this certificate.

[1] NEBOSH: National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health

Scope of Work

The scope of work will involve following tasks towards fulfilment of the assignment:

  • Develop a timeline for delivery in close consultation with the ILO/BWJ and MoL
  • Identify the qualifications for the trainees who can enroll in the NEBOSH IG certificate.
  • Lead, guide and coordinate inputs from the MoL inspection and human resources directorate and ILO technical team
  • Complete the necessary documentation and ensure prerequisites for enrolment for the NEBOSH IGC certificate
  • Draft and finalize the documents and application for the NEBOSH IG and guide targeted inspectors in making an application for certificate;
  • Organize trainings/meetings with relevant MoL and ILO officials as required
  • Upon further consultation with HR department at MoL and ILO team, design Two-Week training programme that includes classroom and online interactive learning; including materials and handouts that follows project branding guidelines
  • Provide access to learning resources and materials and ensure all learners /labour inspectors targeted understand what is expected of them
  • Organize revision workshop prior to exam; including revision guide, concise notes and exam practice
  • Follow with exam team and learners to support in booking exam of NEBOSH certification and make necessary payments and follow-on documentation thereof
  • Submit final report and recommendations including summary of test results obtained per labour inspector and detailed feedback and ensure where applicable certifications are delivered.


The supplier will provide the following deliverables for review and acceptance by the ILO/BWJ:

#Deliverables/ Outputs
1Develop and share Timeline of delivery for this assignment
2Submit qualifications for the trainees who can enrol in the NEBOSH IG certificate
3Share Training programme materials, guides, presentations, handouts (all in editable format where possible)
4Delivery of classroom and online Two-week training programme including materials and documentation (for IG1 and IG2)
5Organize One Day revision workshop coupled by Revision Guide
6Follow with exam team and learners on requirements to support booking exam of NEBOSH and make necessary payments for IG1 and IG2 (where applicable)
7Submit final report and ensure delivery of certificates for successful learners


All applicants must send their technical and financial proposal via Email Only to JORDAN@BETTERWORK.ORG entitled “EU-ILO Outcome2 – NEBOSH”.

The deadline to submit your application is 3rd August 2022, 5:00PM (Jordan time).

Terms of Reference

Full ToR from here.

Grade: External Collaboration
Application deadline: 3 Aug 2022
Publication date: 26 Jul 2022

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