BWEG’s Gender Strategy: paving a way for women’s empowerment

4 Oct 2020

Better Work Egypt has started discussions about the development of a gender strategy for the Egyptian context in collaboration with the ILO Cairo gender projects.

Based on Better Work Global’s gender strategy, the focus would be on four key pillars, spanning anti-discrimination tactics, enhanced sexual and reproductive health and maternity rights protections, increase the representation of women workers in factory committees, and increased career opportunities in factories, financial literacy and household budget planning, among others.

The strategy will be implemented through targeted factory initiatives, and by strengthening policies and practices at national, regional and international levels.

Building on its on-the-ground experience and compelling research findings, Better Work’s gender strategy aims to unite partners from the public and private sectors to scale up what has proven to work to empower women, increase productivity and improve the lives of workers and their family members.

Details about the drafting and implementation of the BWEG’s gender strategy are still under discussion and will be finalized through a series of consultations with the national constituents over the next few months.

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