Better Factories Cambodia Turns 20

4 Nov 2021

To celebrate the Better Factories Cambodia’s 20th Anniversary, we would like you to hear directly from our stakeholders – the government, the employers’ associations, the unions and garment workers – on this incredible 20 year journey and what it has meant for the industry.

From a fledgling sector to a key component of Cambodia’s economy, the garment industry has helped lift hundreds of thousands of workers out of poverty, and Better Factories Cambodia has served as a model for Better Work programmes, now in 12 countries around the world.

In the November 4 launch event, BFC Programme Manager Sara Park urged the industry audience: “Our message for you – and reminder for ourselves – is to keep being creative, taking risks and collaborating to take another leap forward for this industry we care for, and have invested so much in.”

May Better Factories Cambodia’s journey as a positive agent for change continue.

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