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In operation since July 2009, Better Work Viet Nam aims to improve the working conditions and competitiveness of Viet Nam's garment and footwear industry.

In operation since July 2009, Better Work Viet Nam aims to improve the working conditions and competitiveness of Viet Nam’s garment and footwear industry. Around 400 factories across the country actively participate in the programme with nearly 700,000 employees, of whom 78 per cent are women. The programme promotes labour standards and competitiveness at the workplace through training services and seminars as well as advisory and compliance assessments.

At the national level, Better Work Viet Nam collaborates with central tripartite partners, including the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT), the Ministry of Labour, the Viet Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Viet Nam General Confederation of Labour. Together, Better Work Viet Nam and the tripartite partners work to promote labour law reforms that align Viet Nam with international labour standards and ILO Conventions. Such partnership is necessary for Viet Nam to fully participate in global supply chains in line with the terms of its existing free trade agreements. Better Work Viet Nam’s role in connecting global brands and retailers with social partners. This integrated approach ensures continuous improvement of working conditions.


Vietnam: Our training courses

With extensive experience in factories in Viet Nam and building on best practice from around the world, the Better Work Viet Nam Training Programme is designed to meet differing needs of supervisors, managers and workers in the Vietnam garment industry.

The training programme offers both classroom and in-factory trainings, delivered by leading experts with practical experience in the industry as well as advanced training and facilitation techniques. In addition to technical inputs, trainers use a learner- centred approach and paticipatory methodologies including brainstorming, group discussions, role plays, games and the like. Participants are encouraged to share experiences and work together on practical projects relevant to their daily work.

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What do you get with Better Work training?

  • Training by leading technical specialists and industry experts

  • Specialized course materials including real case studies and industry best practices

  • Innovative “participatory” training style

  • Accessing to Better Work training resources

  • Certificate of completion at the end of each course

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