Better Factories Cambodia, 15th Anniversary Celebration

16 Oct 2016

On 18th October, Better Factories Cambodia marked 15 years of work in sector, with a conference in Phnom Penh. Since first embarking on this journey in 2001, the garment sector has seen dramatic changes, it is has been a huge boost to Cambodia’s economy, bringing in investment and providing livelihoods and jobs. It is the main source of exports for Cambodia – almost 80%.

Recognizing that it has been our partnerships that have been at the heart of the success of the program, this celebration was an opportunity to look at what has been achieved since 2001. We engaged with our partners and with stakeholders on what is now necessary to continue to create more and better jobs, more and better business, and more and better industrial development for Cambodia.

We understand that lasting, positive change can happen only with the involvement of all involved in the supply chain and we were glad to hear from workers, investors, brands, trade unions, industry experts and government. Their combined voices helps us create a strategy that meets changing industry demands and benefits business and workers.

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