Apparel Industry and Better Work Haiti Year Review 2021

23 Apr 2022

While Haiti has been beset by challenges, the country’s garment sector has also seen encouraging progress in 2021. Through partnerships with key constituents and other organizations, Better Work Haiti has led initiatives focusing on health and safety, including supporting a team of doctors to implement COVID-19 prevention efforts in factories and introducing maternity health services for pregnant workers. Stakeholders also worked together on initiatives to strengthen social dialogue and conflict resolution among workers and managers.

Our Year in Review offers a look back at the activities, outcomes, and ongoing obstacles the programme and the sector face. Better Work Haiti has taken a close look at how the challenges of the pandemic have affected workers, the most vulnerable members of the garment supply chain, conducting worker surveys that have informed our strategy and approach, and the contents of which we have disseminated to share worker voice and experience. As we look ahead to our plans already underway in 2022, there are positive signs of recovery for Haiti. Experts project that Haiti will rise to be a top apparel sourcing country for the US in the coming years; the new SONAPI director has announced a major job-creation initiative; Better Work Haiti is engaging in capacity-building activities at the enterprise level.

All these efforts combine to strengthen Haiti’s garment sector and economy for a collaborative recovery and a more resilient future for the country.

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