Better Work Haiti COVID-19 Economic Impact Survey

6 Aug 2021

Better Work Haiti has been engaging with sector stakeholders, including the government of Haiti, to aid in the response to COVID-19’s effects. It provides training and advisory services to participating factories to support social dialogue and continuous improvements in working conditions. In addition, the programme has supported the implementation of surveys among workers to generate insights for the industry. From November 12 to December 1, 2020, 3,330 workers were surveyed across 38 factories in Haiti enrolled in the programme.

Key findings from a synthesis of the responses touches upon three main themes: take-home pay, support networks, and safety and well-being. This brief provides insight into the key issues and concerns workers have expressed related to their employment, financial distress and the external environment affects the safety and well-being.


Download the infographic to read more statistical data.

Click here to watch an infographic video summary.

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