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Aware that your company needs to address its own purchasing practices but not sure how to start? Or Want a deeper understanding of supply chain dynamics to support your discussions with brands around purchasing practices?

Better Work, in collaboration with brands and other industry stakeholders, has developed an interactive foundational e-learning, to help participants better understand supply chain dynamics and how purchasing practices influence working conditions. The training, suitable for all levels and departments, is designed to increase brand staff awareness of the impact of their own decision making. With its focus on supply chain dynamics, the training is also designed to equip other industry actors – from governments, employers’ and workers’ associations – with the knowledge needed for discussions around purchasing practices with brands and others. Better Work top leaders from HQ and the field have offered more context on how the training is valuable to different audiences in a Q&A: Why is it the right time to talk about better purchasing practices?

This online course tracks a garment from inception to delivery. It provides an overview of global supply chain dynamics, sourcing modules and procurement, and highlights the impact of purchasing practices at each stage of the process.

This interactive training is divided into eight modules, each consisting of an informational video and quiz for participants to check their understanding. The course, which takes only an hour to complete, is currently available in English, but can be made available in other languages, subject to demand. Your team will learn about:

  • Complex apparel supply chain dynamics
  • Why good purchasing practices are critical for good business
  • How a company’s business model and purchasing practices impact working conditions
  • Practical next steps to ensure purchasing practices have a positive impact on working conditions
  • Additional resources
It’s my pleasure for being awarded a certificate as “Supply Chain Champion” after completing Better Work’s e-learning course on Apparel Industry Purchasing Practices. It was a great opportunity to learn about global sourcing and its impact on compliance and labor practices in the apparel industry.

Md. Jashim Uddin

Manager- HR , Tusker Apparel Ltd. Co, Jordan

E-learning Fees

Up to 100 participants per company: US$ 2,500

Up to 100 participants per company

US$ 2,500

Up to 500 participants per company: US$ 5,000

Up to 500 participants per company

US$ 5,000

Up to 1,000 participants per company: US$ 7,500

Up to 1,000 participants per company

US$ 7,500

* 10% reduction for Better Work buyer partners.

Partners interested in integrating the course into their own learning platform may contact our team directly to discuss details

We are pleased to offer the course to non-commercial industry stakeholders (governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations) free of charge.

To Enrol

Email buyers@betterwork.org for more information, to register, and get your team started.

Better Work also offers a customized follow-up facilitated (in person or online) training that allows participants the opportunity to work directly with Better Work on how to apply the learnings to their own company and role.

We look forward to supporting you on your purchasing practices journey.

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