Better Work Madagascar: Our programme

Better Work Madagascar

Madagascar is one of the top apparel exporters in Sub-Saharan Africa. The sector accounts for about 20% of the GDP and is the country’s largest formal employer after the agriculture industry, with over 150,000 workers.

Garment is a strategic sector in the country’s ambitions towards sustainable industrialisation and the creation of decent work for all, as outlined in the ‘Plan Emergence Madagascar’. The garment sector is known for its comparatively skilled workforce and higher value-added production catering to both traditional and non-traditional markets. The sector is however faced with skills shortages and fragile competitiveness, as well as some remaining non-compliance gaps along the supply chain.

Working in partnership with tripartite constituents – Government, workers and employers – and industry stakeholders, Better Work launched a two-year pilot intervention in Madagascar in 2021 via an innovative, flexible and scalable approach focusing simultaneously on the enterprise, sectoral and institutional levels. In a world where responsible business conduct and due diligence are increasingly key to ensuring a competitive advantage, the programme’s goal is to promote the governance and competitiveness of Malagasy supply chains, including through compliance with international labour standards.

Madagascar: Our programme

Over the years, Better Work has helped thousands of managers and workers in the garment industry worldwide to strengthen their knowledge and skills to improve their workplaces and boost competitiveness.

Building on proven methodologies and best practices from around the world, our training is tailored to meet the needs of diverse industry audiences. We provide practical training to managers, supervisors, and workers, contributing to better working environments, constructive workplace relations and a strengthened workforce.


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What do you get with Better Work Madagascar training?

♦ Training by leading technical specialists and industry experts ♦ Specialized course materials in French and Malagasy ♦ Access to Better Work training resources ♦ Certificate of completion at the end of each course

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