Better Work Indonesia Industry Seminars during COVID-19 pandemic

26 May 2020

On-line industry seminars and training

♦ Industry seminar on the impact of COVID-19 pandemic in the implementation of labour norms with Dyah Hartanti Purwitasari, of DG Labour Inspection and OSH, Ministry of Manpower as the main resource person for 273 participants in 195 factories

♦ Industry seminar on COVID-19 health and safety aspects with key speaker dr. Indra Setiawan, of DG Labour Inspection and OSH, Ministry of Manpower COVID-19 health and safety aspects for 233 participants in 194 factories

♦ Positive Wellbeing in the Workplace during COVID-19 Pandemic (Stress Management) training for 70 participants in 45 factories

♦ Industry seminar on annual festive bonus (THR) payment amidst the pandemic Covid-19 with resource persons Ibu Hayani, DG Industrial Relations and Dinar Titus Jogaswitani, Director of Wages of DG Industrial Relations Ministry of Manpower for 265 participants in 150 factories

♦ Industry seminar on OSH & Labour Norm Aspects for BWI factories in West Java with the Head of Labour Office West Java – M. Ade Afriandi as key speaker for 72 participants in 70 factories

♦ Supervisory Skill Training focus on Leaderships through the crisis for 22 participants in 10 factories

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