Rabeya Hossan

Rabeya Hossan

Enterprise Advisor

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Rabeya Hossan joined Better Work Bangladesh (BWB) in January 2021. She brings 15 years’ experience in the area of sustainability from her previous roles at global brands, audit companies, buying offices and manufacturing organisations. Having worked for more than eight years in different managerial roles, Rabeya is an expert in different types of assessments i.e., social, environment, security and brand protection audits. She has conducted approximately 550 audits for more than 50 clients as a third-party auditor. Rabeya also conducted brand audits in 300 factories as a first-party auditor. During her previous attachments, she worked with a diverse range of stakeholders on industrial relations issues, CSR Project, social dialogue project, leadership project, capacity development project, health awareness project, Cleaner Production and PacT project, etc. She facilitated a number of training sessions on workers’ rights and benefits and health and safety issues.

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