Michael Bennett

Michael Bennett

Director of Sourcing Operations and Sustainability


Born in London in 1965, Michael studied at the Middlesex Business School, in London, and at the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Reims, in France. A passionate sportsman, Michael joined Decathlon in 1993 where he managed the production of leather equestrian equipment and sports goods in India and Pakistan. This early exposure fuelled his interest in mitigating social development and business. This interest remained throughout his 15 year career at Decathlon, where he was responsible for the creation of production offices in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. After Decathlon, Michael joined Tesco, where he was responsible for their India Sourcing Operations for 2 years and then he joined Coach Leatherware, as head of their India operations and later to manage production compliance and quality for China, Philippines, Myanmar and Thailand. Michael joined Puma as their global head of Sourcing operations in 2015 and assumed the additional responsibility of CSR in 2016, as part of the strategy of bringing Sustainability into PUMA’s Core operations.

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