Karem Lopez, Fabio Flores, Marialucia Peña

Karem Lopez, Fabio Flores, Marialucia Peña

Managua, Nicaragua

Karem López joined Better Work Nicaragua as Enterprise Advisor, in 2011. A lawyer by profession with 25 years of experience in labour law, Karem specializes in talent management and is executive coaching certified. Karem enjoys working with people and supporting the factories to improve working conditions.

Fabio Flores has spent 10 years with Better Work Nicaragua as an Enterprise Advisor. He holds a Master of Business Administration and is an OSH specialist. Fabio has led and supported several Better Work Nicaragua projects and plays many roles for the team. He is also the Buyer Focal Point, OSH Focal Point, Training Officer and Employer Focal Point.

Marialucía Peña has been working at Better Work Nicaragua as an Enterprise Advisor since it opened operations in 2011. Marialucía is a lawyer, specializing in business law and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. She loves working in factories and enjoys having direct contact with people affected by her work.

Karem, Fabio and Marialucia jointly manage the Better Work Nicaragua team.

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