Karem López Centeno

Karem López Centeno

Enterprise Advisor

Managua, Nicaragua

Before joining Better Work Nicaragua, Karem worked for many years as a lawyer focused on Labour Laws and gaining extensive experience in labour inspection, alternative dispute resolution, collective bargaining and union registration. She Represented the Ministry of Labour in different programs to support the workforce development in Nicaragua, such as FUMPADEN, MECOMAQ, CAFTA and the negotiating committee of labour and trade balance financed by the IDB. Later she worked as HR Manager in the Garment and Agroindustry sectors, expanding her knowledge in payroll structure and administration. While there, she led the development of human capital by designing and delivering training programs. As labour consultant Karem also directed several legal actions. As well as becoming a lawyer and notary public of the Republic of Nicaragua, she is a specialist in Human Resource Management and Labour Law.

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