Devki Rekhana Zanna

Devki Rekhana Zanna

Enterprise Advisor

Jakarta, Indonesia

Devki has over seven years’ experience working in the development sector through working in the academic field and international non-profit organization. She is familiar with social issues ranging from people’s development and capacity building, social protection, and labour issues. She has joined Better Work Indonesia since 2014. Her initial role in Better Work Indonesia covered programme database including immense preparation of data and statistic for various periodical reports. Her passion in development sector exposed her to enormous social activities. Starting from the college, Devki used to participate in the effort for betterment of people’s life. Her decision to work with Better Work Indonesia spurred by the resemblance of the vision and mission that the programme has with hers. She is utterly interested on how the programme aspires to bring partnership among the industry’s stakeholders to improve the life of workers. By this interest, Devki’s role in the programme was extended. She involved in cross communication with various programme’s stakeholders. She also took the opportunity to participate in several staff’s development programme on Better Work Core Services which subsequently granted her as Labour Norm Expert (Advance Level) and General Occupational Safety and Health.

Devki holds degree in Information and Technology (IT) specializing in Database Development. She spends her leisure time to explore her interests in reading books related to social issues and writing.

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