The Effectiveness of Better Work Training

16 Aug 2016

Training of workers and factory staff is a key component in Better Work’s (BW)’s strategy to improve working conditions for garment workers and increase business performance in factories. This brief presents the findings of initial research evaluating the effectiveness of BW training, encompassing direct training evaluations and indirect evaluations that focus on the impact within factories. Its recommendations highlight whether Better Work should invest more in the development and delivery of training programmes.

This research is based on the following questions measuring the quality of trainings, training materials and trainers, and the impact on job satisfaction, trust between workers and their direct supervisors, and civic engagement.

♦ Was the content of the BW training valued and retained by training participants?

♦ How well were the BW training courses delivered and received?

♦ What was the impact of BW training on factories and beyond?

Research briefs are short documents that include key findings from Better Work academic research.

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