The Apparel Industry and the Jordanian Economy: Calculating the Domestic Share of Sector Value Added

11 Jan 2011

The following analysis quantifies the impact of the apparel industry on the Jordanian economy, as measured by domestic share of apparel-industry value added. Understanding of the current position of the apparel industry in Jordan will then set the stage for a richer analysis of the effect of the various Jordanian Government policies on the size and structure of the apparel industry in Jordan.

A partnership between the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Better Work Jordan was launched in February 2008. Its goal is to reduce poverty in Jordan by expanding decent work opportunities in the apparel sector. The programme also aims to improve the competitiveness of the industry by improving compliance with Jordanian labour law and the ILO’s core labour standards, and by enhancing economic performance at the enterprise level.


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