Guide on Progress Report 1

22 Aug 2018

Within 30 days from the release of the Better Work assessment report, the factory will release a progress report to buyers, known as “Progress Report One” (PR1). Progress Report One includes the Improvement Plan, which features an overview of the initial progress made on issues identified during self-diagnosis and the assessment. The factory will also indicate in the report how it plans to continue making progress, improve workplace cooperation and strengthen internal management systems.
Factories are responsible for preparing PR1 through the online supplier portal, which can be accessed at the Better Work Portal. Although an Enterprise Advisor (EA) will offer guidance to the factory on completing the report, it will not contain any recommendations from Better Work. The only report content Better Work will verify relates to publicly-reported non-compliances, which the factory states have been fully rectified. This is done to provide our buyer partners and participants with the assurance they need, as well as to give you and your colleagues clarity on the key issues where improvements are still needed.

Click here to download the PR1 guide.

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