A focus on occupational safety and health

28 Apr 2017

This thematic brief is based on the independent assessment carried by Tufts University on the Better Work Programme

Unsafe work environments have severe consequences for both workers and their employers. The ILO has estimated that 2.3 million workers die every year from work-related injuries and diseases. A further 160 million workers suffer from work-related diseases, and 313 million workers experience non-fatal injuries each year. Negative economic consequences add to the damaging effects of unsafe work environments on human health and wellbeing. More than four per cent of the world’s annual gross domestic product (GDP) is lost as a consequence of work-related injuries and diseases.

The experience of the Better Work programme provides an illustration of how poor occupational safety and health can threaten workers’ wellbeing as well as the competitive sustainability of factories.

Yet the report also tells a more positive story, highlighting improvements attributable to Better Work and demonstrating that improvements in occupational safety and health conditions are associated with higher productivity.

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