Guide to Vietnamese Labor Law for the Garment Industry – 5th edition

3 Apr 2017

In order to help employers, employees, international buyers, and other stakeholders better understand the obligations and rights stipulated by Vietnamese Labor Law; in June 2011 Better Work Vietnam, in consultation with the Ministry of Labor Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA)  published a ‘Guide to Vietnamese Labor Law for the Garment Industry’. This guide integrated every major source of Vietnamese Law into one easy-to-use book and has been serving as a practical and useful tool for stakeholders since then.

This fifth edition updates recent changes in Vietnamese laws pertaining to occupational safety and health (OSH) as reflected in newly adopted documents, including the OSH Law and its guiding documents and circulars. Better Work Vietnam has been advising and assessing enterprises on compliance to these new regulations. This fifth edition of ‘Guide to Vietnamese Labor Law for the Garment Industry’ published in 2017 is available as an easy to search, download and print online resource which will be regularly updated as additional guidance is provided by MOLISA.

See “Guide to Vietnamese Labor Law for the Garment Industry“.

Xem “Hướng dẫn Luật Lao động cho ngành may”

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