Garment Factory Construction Guidelines

9 Oct 2014

The devastating impact of the garment factory collapse in Bangladesh on 24 April 2013, which claimed approximately 1,100 lives, continues to reverberate throughout the region. In Indonesia, where the majority of workers are women, stringent measures must be taken in the construction of buildings to ensure the safety of all workers.

Learning from these tragedies, it is necessary to guide the construction of garment factories to ensure the safety of workers in the Indonesian garment industry.

This guide is expected to be a reference for investors, developers, consultants, contractors, and others who will be involved in the construction of garment factories in Indonesia. This guide does not only contain regulations, but also provides initial information regarding the process and procedures in planning, designing, and constructing garment factories in Indonesia with a systematic approach. In addition, we will also provide guidance to maintain the safety of the building and its construction, and the utilization of the building when construction is completed.


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