Enhancing the Structural Integrity of Dormitory Buildings in Jordan’s Garment Sector (Task 1)

30 Sep 2021

The “Typical Defects Identification Report” is the first task assigned to Engicon, under Phase II of Better Work Jordan’s project “Enhancing the Structural Integrity of Dormitory Buildings in Jordan’s Garment Sector”.

Stemming from the belief that decent living conditions are a right to all workers, and that it is directly proportional with raising their productivity and as a result benefit the business as a whole, the project aims to set guidelines related to assessing and mitigating defects against certain health and safety measures within existing dormitories, as well as develop design regulations related to building new dormitories in the future, to ensure surpassing previously identified mistakes and defects which can form risks to the health and safety of inhabitant workers.

This report helps non-technical members mimic the exercise done by Engicon’s technical team related to the first task, which was to identify typical defects in existing dormitory buildings against certain Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) measures and recommend corrective actions to enhance conditions of the assessed dorms.


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