Enhancing the Structural Integrity of Dormitory Buildings in Jordan’s Garment Sector (Task 2)

12 Dec 2021

The “Guidance for Assessment and Repair of Typical Defects Report” is the second task assigned to Engicon, under Phase II of Better Work Jordan’s (BWJ) project “Enhancing the Structural Integrity of Dormitory Buildings in Jordan’s Garment Sector”. 

Stemming from the outcomes of task 1 “Typical Defects Identification Report” related to the living conditions of workers (structural integrity of dormitories), which were proved to be directly proportional to business benefits, and abiding to one of the project aims, which is to set guidelines related to assessing and mitigating defects against certain health and safety measures within dormitories; this report helps non-technical members identify typical defects along with their accompanied risks to the health and safety of workers, and set a plan for corrective actions and repair works needed, classified under 4 main Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) related measures: Structural Integrity, Electrical Safety, Fire Safety, and Public Health, and following certain requirements of related local and international codes and standards. 


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