Dormitories Assessment Guide

22 Nov 2019

Dormitories play a key role in complementing the occupational safety and health (OSH) system in the work environment. These dormitories greatly affect the physical and mental health of factory workers and provide them with a place to rest after working hours, thus impacting, positively or negatively, on their quality of life as well as their capacity for production and work.

Dormitory inspections are considered an integral part of the inspection/ assessment regime of factories and are performed through on-site visits. The aim is to examine the conditions of these dormitories, assess their suitability as accommodation and ensure that employers fulfil the necessary requirements and conditions laid out in national legislation, such as preventing health hazards, accordance with building codes (Jordanian national building constitution), Jordanian standards and specifications, and international labour standards.

Better work Jordan, in collaboration with the Jordanian Ministries of Labour and health, developed this Dorms Inspection/Assessment Guide which aims to establish common terms of reference to enable those who conduct dormitory inspections/ assessments to do so in line with consistent, objective standards.

This Guide is based on Better Work’s approach for ensuring that conditions in employee dormitories are in line with health and safety standards. The Guide also indicates procedures to be followed during government inspections of dormitories, in all sectors.

The Guide can also be used by employers, trade union representatives and workers to ensure that dormitories are healthy and safe.

Download Assessment Guide in English

Download Assessment Guide in Arabic

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