Interim Performance Evaluation of Better Work Jordan Phase III

26 Oct 2021

The United States Department of Labor (USDOL) started funding Better Work Jordan (BWJ) in September 2014. The program is implemented by the International Labor Organization (ILO). By October 2020, the total funding received by BWJ was US$5,730,000.1 An additional US$2,250,000 was allocated to BWJ by USDOL in mid-November 2020 during the evaluation fieldwork. Of the FY20 funds allocated, US$700,000 was to support the continuation of core BWJ services and an additional US$1.55 million was allocated for a new mental health component.

The purpose of this interim performance evaluation is to assess the relevance of the program in the cultural, economic, and political context in Jordan, as well as the validity of the program design and the extent to which it is suited to the priorities and policies of the host government and other national stakeholders. The evaluation seeks to determine whether the program is on track toward meeting its objectives, identify the challenges and opportunities encountered in doing so, and analyze the driving factors for these challenges and opportunities. It assesses the effectiveness of the program’s strategies and its strengths and weaknesses in implementation, and identifies areas in need of improvement. Finally, the evaluation provides conclusions, lessons learned, and recommendations, and assesses the program’s plans for sustainability at local and national levels and among implementing organizations, identifying steps to enhance its sustainability

Interim Performance Evaluation – infograhic – Arabic

Interim Performance Evaluation – infograhic – Bangla

Interim Performance Evaluation – infograhic – Hindi

Interim Performance Evaluation – infograhic – Sinhaless

Interim Performance Evaluation – infograhic – Urdu


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